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Sandblasting Orlando are proud to offer a broad range of sandblasting and media blasting services to customers throughout Orlando and the broader Florida area.

With a team of passionate and experienced experts - and only the best equipment - you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for sandblasting in Orlando, Fl.

About Us

We have years of experience in sandblasting for residential and commercial purposes. Our team at Sandblasting Orlando are able to offer specialist media blasting such as soda blasting and crushed glass blasting, as well as dust free sandblasting services, throughout the state.

Depending on the project, we can come to you - or we may be able to take the items needing attention, treat them at our facility, and return them later.


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    Sandblasting is suited to many projects. In fact, sandblasting is probably more accurately referred to as media blasting, as it can employ a wide range of media for different jobs.

    Whether you’re looking for contractor to work on a big public project, or have a home you’re remodeling and need some support, we can help. Here are some of our most popular services.

    Sandblasting Team at work

    Dustless Blasting

    Dustless blasting is a smart approach to media blasting, which can be used for car sandblasting, boat sandblasting, paint removal, surface preparation and rust removal - to name but a few of the more popular applications. By reducing dust plume, dustless blasting is environmentally friendly and allows other workers on site to continue to get on with the job while blasting happens.

    This reduces disruption and makes the job much easier - whether you’re looking for commercial sandblasting or working on a smaller residential project.

    Orlando Sandblasting at work

    Soda Blasting

    As a gentle and environmentally low impact approach to media blasting, soda blasting is a top choice for treating delicate projects and cleaning up architectural features which are blighted by graffiti. Blasting soda can vary in particle size from something similar to talcum powder, right up to more abrasive particles if needed.

    The pressure used on a project can also be fine tuned to suit the surface material, which means that this approach is great for a wide range of projects. Mobile units, and low dust levels also help to make soda blasting one of our more popular products right across Orlando, Florida.

    Sandblasting Orlando

    Industrial Sandblasting

    Industrial sandblasting is a time-tested approach to removing tough dirt, debris and grease, typically from a larger area. As you might expect this approach often uses silica sand to make short work of even the most stubborn or neglected surfaces.

    This is used mainly in larger projects, such as cleaning shipyard equipment, in oil refineries and food production plants. It can also be used for public works such as cleaning buildings and bridges. It is an approach which requires rigorous safety standards, and our experienced team at Sandblasting Orlando are trained to ensure the safety of employees and the public in all projects.

    Boat getting prepped for sandblasting

    Boat Sandblasting

    If you’re a boat owner you’ll know that regular care and maintenance is crucial to keeping your craft in good condition. Refinishing the boat on a regular basis means your craft remains sea-worthy, and can avoid expensive repair bills at a later stage. Sandblasting is an effective step in the process to refinish any boat, allowing you to remove paint, debris and build-up from the hull with ease.

    Although there are alternatives out there, we recommend media blasting. Other choices are either labor intensive - such as manual scraping - or can be dangerous to the marine environment as they use chemicals and acids to do the job.

    Home in need of dustless blasting services

    Residential Sandblasting

    Crusty woodwork that needs a clean? Pitted and tired looking pool? External paintwork peeling and old? We can help. We can offer a wide range of residential sandblasting services, including wood sandblasting, concrete sandblasting, pool sandblasting, paint removal, surface preparation and rust removal.

    If you’re looking to remodel your home, or have just moved into a new property which needs some sprucing up, you could find that sandblasting is useful in a number of ways. We are happy to offer ideas, advice and a quote to help you assess how sandblasting can help.

    Car around Orlando FL that needs sandblasting

    Car Sandblasting

    Sandblasting can be used to remove rust and paint from cars which need to be refinished and repainted. There are different recommended approaches depending on the levels of rust, and where on the car needs to be treated. For this reason, it’s a good idea to talk to an expert member of our team who can review your particular issue and give a quote.

    You might find that dustless sandblasting is the best way to deal with your vehicle, or a more abrasive sandblast approach in the case of a heavily rusted up car.

    “I moved into a new property, which was in dire need of renovation. The paintwork on the outside was peeling and old, and looked plain ugly. I needed to quickly strip the old surface to allow for repainting, and Sandblasting Orlando were able to help. I was impressed by the levels of customer care - I had a number of small concerns and questions and felt they were all answered. The end job was exactly what I wanted and my new house feels more like a home now” Mel B, Orlando

    “Orlando Sandblasting did a great job on my boat, which needed refinishing. I’ve used sandblasting before and been pleased with the result, and the team this time were especially good at keeping the area clean and clear during work, and making sure there was no trace of debris on the hull. Thanks for a great job done!” Steve F, Florida

    “I was ashamed to have neighbors round to my place - and house guests were out of the question - because our pool was quite so dirty and neglected. I knew I needed to have the area refinished, but didn’t really know where to start. Orlando Sandblasting sent round a great team to help - right from a site visit to offer ideas and advice, to the guys who did the sandblasting a few days later. The result was perfect and I was able to go ahead and get my entire pool spruced up, ready for guest and visitors.” Emily, Orlando

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    ​It’s easy to get in touch with us - simply give a call on the phone number on the website during working hours, or drop us a line using the form on our contact page. An expert will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your needs and assess if we can help.