Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting a job in OrlandoIf you’re planning a residential sandblasting, or even a larger commercial sandblasting project, it is good to know that there are a wide range of options out there to choose from. Soda blasting is a great, environmentally sound and gentle approach to media blasting which can be used on even the most delicate of surfaces. It’s often a top choice for treating old or fragile areas, and restoring architectural features which have become damaged over time, or have graffiti on them.

If you think soda blasting could be the right approach for your project, get in touch today.

What is soda blasting?

Soda blasting is a media blasting process which involves using a specialist form of blasting soda to treat all types of surfaces, for surface preparation, graffiti removal and so on. The grade of soda used can be varied, from a media so fine it is like talcum powder, for the most delicate of jobs, to more abrasive media where needed. Similarly the pressure used can be alternated to ensure that even the most precious of surfaces is protected while being soda blasted.

Soda blasting can be carried out with relatively low impact on both the environment and other people who might be working in the area.

Is soda blasting suitable for my project?

Soda blasting is suitable for a wide range of projects, and our helpful team at Sandblasting Orlando would be happy to help you assess if soda blasting is the best approach for you.

Soda blasting can usually be carried out using mobile equipment on site, and as soda is a soluble and soft abrasive it can be an especially good choice for projects such as graffiti removal and restoring architectural features. Soda blasting will not damage the underlying surface in any way, while leaving it free from surface coatings and marks.

Does soda blasting make a mess?

Soda blasting is popular in part because it is a relatively dust and mess free approach to media blasting. Our contractors can talk to you about the options to reduce dust and mess, as the exact approach to the process can vary from job to job. Soda disintegrates on impact, and if mixed with water the process can be almost entirely dust free.

If this is not a suitable approach, we can use other methods such as protective tenting, and dust extraction units, to limit the challenges caused by dust plume. We guarantee we will find the best method for your specific project, and all details will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Is soda blasting environmentally sound?

Soda blasting is an environmentally sound approach to paint removal, surface preparation, rust removal, and so on. Soda disintegrates on impact, and can be disposed of as normal waste. The only precaution that must be taken is to protect plants and vegetation which might be affected by the treatments.

As blasting soda is alkaline, this can cause problems for plant life - although simply cleaning down any vegetation impacted after treatment should be enough to prevent problems. If you have any concerns about the safety of the treatment, our helpful contractors will be delighted to discuss them with you.


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