Residential Sandblasting

Residential Home that needs sandblastingSandblasting is a very flexible process which means it can be used in a range of residential and commercial settings. For homeowners looking to remodel or refresh a property, sandblasting can be a quick and cost effective way to tackle any number of jobs. Maybe you need new external paint but stripping the existing coating is daunting. Maybe your pool has become damaged with harsh chemical use, or wear and tear.

Or maybe you want to bring new life to some of the beautiful wooden architectural detailing on your property which has been covered over time by layers of tired paint. Sandblasting Orlando can help.

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a slightly misleading term. More accurately we should say media blasting, as the medium used often as not, is not actually sand. Instead, we can use a variety of media including soda and environmentally sound alternatives like crushed walnut shells, as well as silica sand, to treat a wide variety of surfaces. The process involves spraying particles of your chosen media at a surface, to remove things like paint, dirt and grease.

By using different media, and adjusting the pressure used to spray the area, and choosing a more or less abrasive medium, different surface types can be treated. That means that sandblasting can be used for both delicate items, such as cleaning antique woodwork, and more industrial jobs, like pool sandblasting to remove grime and built up dirt and scale.

How might I use sandblasting for my residential project?

Sandblasting has a huge range of applications. If you’re working on remodeling your home, or even just planning on bringing new life to a small amount of woodwork, you might find that sandblasting is a helpful approach. You can use sandblasting for rust removal, to prepare metal ready for welding, to texture or smooth a metal surface, or for any form of cleaning and scale removal for example.

We are delighted to offer wood sandblasting, concrete sandblasting, pool sandblasting, as well as treatments which are suitable for graffiti removal, or cleaning the external surfaces of your home. Give us a call today to see how we can help with your residential sandblasting project.

Pool sandblasting

One of our most popular residential sandblasting products is pool sandblasting. If you need to spruce up your pool, which has become damaged over time - or if you’ve just moved to a new property and the pool is looking rather tired, we can help. Using media blasting - often crushed glass blasting for the best possible finish - we can blast your pool to remove a build up for scale or dirt, as well as offering a roughened finish ready for any further treatment you might choose.

To carry out pool blasting, your pool will need to be drained and dry, and vulnerable materials like metal and tile should be covered or removed. Our consultant can offer advice on how best to carry out the process for your pool.

Our service

As a long established business in Orlando, FL, our team of experts pride ourselves on great customer care. We know that if you’re undertaking a home remodel, sandblasting might be new to you. That’s where we come in. As there are many different approaches and options with this process, we are able to advise whether sandblasting or media blasting is right for you, and create a quote to suit your needs.

Our team are always happy to answer questions, offer ideas, and provide an aftercare service if you need it. Give us a call to see how we can help.


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