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Industrial sandblasting - which you might also see referred to as abrasive sandblasting - is suitable mainly for large scale projects, such as treating building surfaces, and even dealing with infrastructure such as bridges. As a time-tested technology, it is reliable, and our team of experts can make sure that the finish achieved when using industrial sandblasting is exactly as agreed with the customer.

Public safety is crucial when using this approach, and we use rigorous methods to ensure all work is done in a way which protects passersby. After working, we take full care to make sure that clean-up is thorough and thoughtfully carried out. There’s nothing left for you, as client, to worry about.

Applications of industrial sandblasting

Industrial sandblasting typically uses silica sand, which is sprayed at high pressure at the surface to be treated. Other media can also be used depending on the situation. It’s usually used in larger projects, and can cover substantial areas effectively. Industrial sandblasting is used for commercial projects such as cleaning entire buildings, and can also be used to clean and offer perfect surface preparation for large pieces of industrial equipment.

This approach has the added benefit of removing any grease or scale, as well as leaving a surface texture which can increase functionality. If you have a larger project and think that this might be the best approach for you, contact us via the number on the website.

Where can we use industrial sandblasting?

Industrial sandblasting makes short work of heavy rust, baked-on dirt, grease and other tough surfaces. While other forms of media blasting might be more suited to delicate work - if you need to call in the big guns, you probably need to consider using industrial sandblasting.

Industrial sandblasting is not the right approach to every project. However, if you have a job which is in any of the following areas, you might consider it as an option:

  • Automotive production plants
  • Food production plants
  • Cleaning of mining, or other heavy industry equipment
  • Oil refineries
  • Public utilities, infrastructure and bridges
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Metal production facilities, and shipyards

Safety precautions when using industrial sandblasting

When using industrial sandblasting, public and employee safety is an important concern. Here at Sandblasting Orlando we are experienced in setting up a worksite to ensure public safety, and are happy to discuss even the most challenging of project. We take a safety first approach, and all of our team are trained to ensure both their own and the public’s safety during works.

Our equipment is leading edge - it is modern, and regularly checked for safety and efficiency. To learn more about the safety precautions that are in place whenever we work, talk to one of our team of contractors. We are always at your disposal.

Find out more

Sandblasting Orlando are your local experts in sandblasting. Because we can offer a wide range of services including soda blasting and dustless blasting, and work across residential and commercial sandblasting, we are well placed to offer advice on every type of project. We know that when you’re trying to find the right service for your individual needs, getting some help from an expert is essential.

The options when it comes to media blasting can be overwhelming - and for that reason, we are always happy to help with a chat, a site visit or to offer quotations based on different approaches which might be suitable. Give us a call to see if industrial sandblasting is right for your job, today.


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