Dustless Blasting

Sandblasting project in downtown FloridaDustless blasting is considered by many to be the future of media blasting and surface preparation. It’s suitable for many different projects thanks to the mobile blasting units which can be taken on site, and can be used with a variety of sandblasting media.

It also provides for an extremely flexible approach as the pressure used can be varied to treat both tough and fragile surfaces, and the nozzle size is also adjustable. This makes it a good method for both small projects and wider scale industrial and commercial blasting. If you’re looking for dustless blasting in Orlando, Florida, then you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch today.

Benefits of dustless blasting: reduced dust - less hassle

As you may expect, dustless blasting reduces the dust plume usually caused by media blasting. This makes for a better working environment for all involved. It’s safer, and more importantly can mean there is no need to shut down operations elsewhere on site.

Unlike regular sandblasting where some other workers would need to leave the area being treated, dustless blasting can mean that all contractors can continue as usual. It’s also an environmentally sensitive approach to surface preparation. To learn more about how dustless blasting can help in your project, get in touch with us today.

Benefits of dustless blasting: treat multiple surfaces

One of the most attractive features of dustless blasting is that it allows for treatment of a wide variety of surface types. You can safely use this method for car blasting, graffiti removal, powder coating, surface cleaning, wood restoration, and even maritime surfaces. That means that, whether you’re looking for boat sandblasting, car blasting, a residential cleanup, or some help restoring a wooden structure, we can help.

Dustless blasting allows for adjustable pressure and interchangeable nozzles, which makes it a suitable approach for all jobs - even the most delicate. You can also tackle both large and small areas equally effectively.

Benefits of dustless blasting: tackle any coating

Dustless blasting allows for perfect surface preparation, and you can use it to remove more or less any coating, depending on your project. From delicate wooden items which need extremely gentle treatment, to anti-fouling paint on marine projects, which needs a more industrial approach, dustless blasting can be a safe and effective option.

If you’re not sure whether or not dustless blasting is the right approach for your project, get in touch with us today using the phone number on the website - or via out contact page. We are always happy to offer ideas and advice, whether you’re looking for residential or commercial services.

Benefits of dustless blasting: mobile treatment

Regular sandblasting requires large equipment which can be bulky, and difficult to transport. Dustless blasting, however, is much more mobile, and can be used in a wide variety of locations and situations. Not only is the equipment portable to reach even the most tricky spaces, there’s little to clear up afterwards, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial clients.

If you have a small space to treat, or need a contractor to come on site to support an ongoing piece of work, this could be your perfect solution. Give us a call at Sandblasting Orlando to see if we can help you with your project.


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