Boat Sandblasting

Boat that needs sandblasting in OrlandoRegular upkeep and repair is essential to any boat owner. Without this, your craft will quickly fall into disrepair - and any boat owner knows that prevention, in this case, is far better than cure. Keeping a regular maintenance program for your boat will make sure it is available for use as often as you want it - and avoid the need for any dramatic repairs at a later stage.

Boat sandblasting can be an effective part of this maintenance regimen. If you’re interested in sandblasting services for your boat, we can help you. Give us a call today.

Why use sandblasting to treat my boat?

From time to time you’re going to need to refinish your boat, and that will mean that you need to remove the existing - and likely damaged or dirty - surface. You’re then free to refinish the craft in the best way for your needs. While there are many different ways that you can remove the coating on your boat to prepare the surface, we recommend sandblasting.

Alternatives are either time consuming - such as manual scraping, or can include applying products which are harmful, like chemicals and acids. These chemical and acid approaches are not only a danger to your own personal health and safety, they can contaminate the water you wish to sail in.

Boat sandblasting process

Before treating your boat, a team member will discuss your needs, and may need to view the boat to provide a quotation. The boat will need to be in dry dock to be treated. The exact approach used depends on the materials used for your boat - a wooden hull, for example, is treated with different media than a fibre glass craft. It is also important to take into account the type and age of your boat, and where you sail, as salt and fresh water can affect a craft differently.

Our expert will then choose the right particle size and pressure to remove paint, dirt and debris from your craft.

Can I sandblast my own boat?

It is possible to treat your boat yourself, if you borrow or hire the equipment to do so. However, we would recommend taking professional advice and having an expert do the job for you if your budget allows. This is because the process of sandblasting is both an art and a science. You will need to choose the correct media for your boat type, having made a thorough assessment of the levels of build-up which need to be removed.

You’ll also need to choose the right nozzles and pressure to use to avoid damage to the boat. Finally, the equipment should be used smoothly and evenly to get a good finish - all of which is simple in professional hands, but can be a tricky task for the first-timer.

Is sandblasting an environmentally sound approach?

We can discuss the options for media blasting your boat, which could involve using soda or an environmentally friendly alternative such as crushed walnut shells. The media used will not be harmful to the environment as a whole, and we will work in a way designed to limit or eradicate dust and other materials escaping to the environment.

Most importantly, sandblasting - or media blasting as it is more accurately known - does not use any dangerous chemicals or acids, which are common in alternative approaches. In our opinion, sandblasting is the best alternative to manual scraping, if you’re looking for an environmentally responsible choice.


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