About Our Team

Sandblasting Orlando are a team of trained and experienced professionals, and have long been serving the Orlando community.

Thanks to our reputation for quality workmanship and fair pricing, we now have a loyal client base right out across Florida. We would love to add you to our growing community of satisfied customers.

We have only the best equipment, and take care to assess each job individually. This means we offer a tailored service every time, regardless of whether you need a small residential sandblasting job, or a bigger commercial or industrial sandblasting project. We are also experts in wood sandblasting, concrete sandblasting and pool sandblasting, as well as sandblasting for car restoration and marine purposes.

We have portable equipment and can come to your project location, or else take items to treat at our facility, and return them later if you prefer. Depending on your project we can offer state of the art dustless sandblasting and soda blasting, for minimal environmental impact, and low levels of disruption to others who might be working on site.

If you’re in Orlando Florida, give us a call or complete the information form on the website to get more information and a quote.

A member of the team will be in touch directly to discuss the options available to you, and agree a great value quote. Full support and any necessary aftercare is naturally part of the service we provide.


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